The Role Of The Loader Transmission

Oct 11, 2019

1. The loader's transmission can transmit the power from the loader engine to the transaxle via reduced speed.

2. In the case of engine operation, the loader is parked for a long time by using the neutral of the transmission.

3. Without changing the torque and speed of the engine, the transmission can make the loader have different driving force and driving speed to meet the requirements of various operations.

4. Make the loader drive backwards.

The more gears of the loader transmission, the higher the adaptability of the loader, the higher the power and fuel economy, but the higher the complexity of the structure.

Small wheel loaders Mechanically driven wheel loaders are manually operated transmissions with a sliding gear or a sliding sleeve in a step-variable transmission, which has a variable gear position. In addition, in order to facilitate the installation, the portion connected to the front and rear drive shafts is often made into a separate box, which is called a transfer case.

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